Facts about Picola

1. Picola Foods is a family owned operation, located in Brits, North West Province and was established in 1997 as the first and only manufacturer of whole kernel maize snacks in South Africa (Corn Nibs).

2. Picola Foods has embarked on a stringent quality and food safety program leading to full HACCP certification by the end of 2012. Picola Foods has successfully undergone various third party audits.

3. Picola Foods is not only Kettle Fried Maize (Corn). Picola Foods has expanded its product lines to include caramel and savoury popcorn, extruded snacks, kettle corn and multi grain chips. Again, for the latter two we are the first in South Africa to launch.

4. Picola do branded packaging for some of the big retailers.

5. Stringent hygiene and quality control systems are utilised throughout the manufacturing
process to ensure products of absolute high quality. Our products are all Halaal and kosher
(Milchick for the popcorn) certified.

6. Recently, Picola Foods has extended its savoury line to include caramelised popcorn (Rodicojo’s). Only the finest American Mushroom Popcorn is used with our special butter crunch caramel to manufacture extremely high quality caramelised popcorn, available in different varieties, also with nuts.

7. Picola Foods also produce hard extruded maize products i.e. Nax. This product is primarily focused on the school markets where it has proven extremely popular.

8. All Picola Foods' products are available in bulk packaging.

9. Picola Foods also do contract packaging for companies